Fellow Attorney and Client, Kerrie Droban, Publishes New Book: Another History Channel Series in the Making?

Client and fellow attorney, Kerrie Droban, just published her 6th best-selling  (just watch!) True Crime book from St. Martin’s Press.  THE LAST CHICAGO BOSS: My Life with the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club (St. Martin’s Press, 2017), is Peter “Big Pete” James’ explosive memoir about becoming “The Godfather” of the Chicago Outlaws. Over 20 years, Big Pete formed and commanded a coalition of 38 motorcycle clubs and 8 outlaw motorcycle club chapters in the Chicagoland area.  In voyeuristic fashion, his story exposes readers to the inner sanctum of the Chicago Outlaws, rival gang wars, the many foiled Hells Angel “hunts” and the symbiotic relationship between outlaw biker and Chicago mobster. THE LAST CHICAGO BOSS reads like the real “Sons of Anarchy.”  Big Pete’s powerful and extraordinarily commanding criminal syndicate boasted extortion, contract murders, drug and arms trafficking, money laundering, and assassinations.

Kerrie has penned five best-selling true crime books for St. Martin’s Press and she has twice won the USA News National Book Award for best True Crime and Best Memoir. Her books include A Socialite Scorned: The Murder of Gary Triano, Running with the Devil, Prodigal Father, Pagan Son, Vagos, Mongols, and now, Outlaws. Her book, A Socialite Scorned: The Murder of Gary Triano, was featured on Dateline and in “Murders and Mansions” produced by La Brea Entertainment.  Her book, Running with the Devil, was recently made into a television series now in its second season entitled “Gangland Undercover” produced by the History Channel.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Outlaws goes to TV as well.  Now that is the power of the “derivative right” under the Copyright Act.

Kerry has written articles for TIME and has appeared on national television on CNN, CNBC’s American Greed, “A Widow’s Web,” “A & E’s “Gangland,” “Behind Enemy Lines”, the American Hero’s Channel, “Codes and Conspiracies,” Investigation ID and the Discovery Channel’s “Deadly Devotion,” and in a series entitled, “Deep Undercover.”


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